If you're seeing the error message Unable to Connect on your Elpha Secure software screen, it means you're not connected to the VPN.

The VPN tab expanded on the Elpha Secure software window to highlight error message.

A connection problem can be traced to:

  • A firewall on the device that's blocking the VPN connection

  • Too many users on the network

  • The internet source has been disconnected

  • Your device is running on Windows 8.1 or older. In this case, please contact our team for help configuring your VPN.

Troubleshooting tips

First, verify that you're still connected to the internet: test your connection by successfully opening a website on your browser.

If you have no internet connection, then a VPN connection is not possible. Retry the VPN connection once you're certain you've connected to the internet.

If you have any questions about using the Elpha Secure VPN or problems connecting, please reach out to our support team via our in-app chat or one of the options below:

Phone: (332) 242-6776

Support: help@elphasecure.com

Sales: hello@elphasecure.com

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