Elpha Secure provides secure remote access to access a device or network when you're in another location. Remote access with multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes it difficult for hackers to impersonate employees or business contacts in order to gain access.

Elpha Secure requires two factors to authenticate a user. You will use a password plus a code sent to a registered mobile device (via text message) to prove you're the intended recipient.

How MFA secures remote access

Wondering what's happening in the background? Here's how MFA works:

  • We install a firewall rule on the target machine, which blocks all incoming remote desktop connections (RDP on Windows, SSH/VNC on Mac OS and Linux). When you click Enable Remote Access in your Elpha Secure portal, we send a message to temporarily open a hole in the firewall.

  • Initially, this hole is only open to your source IP address, though you do have the option to allow passage for all IP addresses. When a user attempts to log in, they'll still have to provide valid operating system credentials.

  • After the login window expires, we reinstate the firewall rule to block all new incoming connections, while allowing any existing connections to continue.

Secure access for cloud services

Since the software is installed on an endpoint (like your computer), we can provide MFA for access to any services accessed through that endpoint.

For cloud services, we may be able to help you enable MFA support that exists within those services. In some cases, we can replace the authentication mechanism for cloud services with Elpha Secure's MFA.

What comes next

Now that you have Elpha Secure software installed, you can remotely access your organization's devices safely and securely. Check out our handy guide to MFA for Secure Remote Access for more information on how to use this feature.

If you have additional questions regarding remote access, please reach out to our support team via our in-app chat or one of the options below:

Phone: (332) 242-6776

Support: help@elphasecure.com

Sales: hello@elphasecure.com

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