Didn't get confirmation that Elpha Secure installed? If you think the installation may have failed, go through these steps to verify that the software is running.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Grant Elpha Secure access to your computer with a few clicks.

    1. Open System Preferences.

    2. Access Security & Privacy.

    3. Click the Privacy Tab.

    4. Scroll down the list and click on Full Disk Access.

    5. Click the lock to make changes.

    6. Click the checkbox next to Elphaware.

      Full Disk Access folder expanded with Elpha Secure icon checked.
    7. Click the lock to approve changes

  2. Confirm your Elpha Secure software is assigned a license key.

    1. Click the Elpha Secure icon (1) to open from top menu bar.

    2. Click Show agent window (2).

    3. Navigate to About tab.

    4. Ensure license key (3) is displayed.

      Elpha Secure software expanded on Mac system tray alongside screenshot of agent window.

Congratulations! You've armed your system with our software, and now your device is better protected from cyber attacks.

Please contact us for assistance if you don't see a license key displayed in Elpha Secure window.

If you need additional support with Elpha Secure installation, please reach out to our support team via our in-app chat or one of the options below:

Phone: (332) 242-6776

Support: help@elphasecure.com

Sales: hello@elphasecure.com

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