Can't find the Elpha Secure icon? Think the installation may have failed? Go through these steps to ensure Elpha Secure software was installed correctly and your cybersecurity tools are running.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Allow Elpha Secure software to install on your device.

    1. Check the publisher name is Elpha Secure Technology Inc.

    2. If you see Elpha Secure Technology Inc. in the name, the installer was generated and cryptographically signed by us, so you can safely proceed.

      1. Windows OS pop-up window prompting user to confirm Elpha Secure Software permissions.

      Windows OS pop-up window asking user to allow Elpha Secure Software to install on device.

  2. Confirm your Elpha Secure software is assigned a license key.

    1. Open the Windows system tray (1) from the lower right corner of your screen.

    2. Click the Elpha Secure Icon (2) to open the window.

    3. Navigate to the About tab.

    4. Ensure the license key (3) is displayed.

      Elpha Secure Software selected on expanded Windows OS system tray.

      4. Elpha Secure Software agent window expanded on About Tab highlighting License key number.

Congratulations! You've armed your system with our software, and now your device is better protected from cyber attacks.

Please contact us for assistance if you don't see a license key displayed in Elpha Secure window.

If you need additional support with Elpha Secure installation, please reach out to our support team via our in-app chat or one of the options below:

Phone: (332) 242-6776



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