Can I select an entire drive to be backed up?

You can, but it's not always the best course of action. Backing up files means uploading them to a cloud server, a process that will use a portion of your network upload bandwidth.

Avoid slowing down your internet connection by only backing up directories that house documents (leave out those that contain installed programs or particularly large files).

Also keep in mind that each user has a set amount of cloud storage space. Since we store all versions of backed-up files (instead of overwriting the previous backup), backing up entire drives will use up space quickly.

Why do you back up every version of every file?

By backing up each version of a changed file, you have multiple versions to choose from when it comes time to restore backups. This is a crucial lifeline if ransomware had previously encrypted a file and gone unnoticed: you'll be able to retrieve your data before the file was corrupted (as long as you have your backup key).

Want to learn more?

Check out How to back up data properly for more information on how to build a data backup plan and how to avoid data backup failure.

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