You can activate MFA in minutes with a few simple steps — we'll walk you through the setup below. If you're looking for a closer look into how our process protects your organization, check out Remote Access Overview.

Steps to set up MFA with Elpha Secure:

  1. Enable Remote Desktop Login for Windows or for Mac OS.

  2. Complete your Elpha Secure Software Installation to register the device on the company network users will need remote access to.

  3. For administrators: Log into your Elpha Secure portal and ensure Remote Access is active for the target machine by:

    1. Clicking on the device that needs remote access

    2. In Device Overview, confirming that Remote Access is active.

      Utilities and Tool Status Overview on the Elpha Secure portal highlighting Remote Access is Active.

  4. For administrators: Grant access to any team members that will need to remotely access the device by:

    1. Selecting Manage Device

    2. Adding team members who need remote access to this device

    Team members invited to the Elpha Secure portal can log in and select the device they wish to access remotely.

  5. Log into your Elpha Secure portal. Click on the device that will need to access the company device or system remotely.

    Device Management page on the Elpha Secure online portal highlighting device card.

  6. Click Enable Remote Access you now have 15 minutes to complete the remote access setup.

    Remote Access section on the Elpha Secure portal highlighting

  7. Open your remote access program (such as "Remote Desktop Connection" on Windows) and connect to the device you need to access remotely.

    Agent window for Remote Desktop Connection on Windows Operating System.

  8. Follow the steps your program provides.

  9. If you're not able to log in, navigate to your Elpha Secure portal and click Unlock for all IP addresses. Restart from Step 7 to complete.

    Elpha Secure portal pop-up window confirming Remote Access Enabled and highlighting

Set yourself up for success

Here are a couple of points to keep in mind as you work through setup:

  • Remote desktop login must be enabled on the device you're logging into.

  • You'll need to know the IP address plus the port that's configured in the firewall. (Your company's IT manager can provide you with this info.)

  • The network and firewall must be configured to allow remote login.


Check out these troubleshooting articles for answers to questions that may arise during the remote access setup:

If you need more assistance with remote access, please reach out to our support team via our in-app chat or one of the options below:

Phone: (332) 242-6776



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